Hey Weston Dance Academy!!!! This is Kayla’s page where you can get to know me a little better.
I like to dance all types of dance like, tap, jazz, ballet, and I love HIP HOP!!!!!! Hip hop is my favorite type of dance. I’ve been dancing for 11 years. I am always active and ready to teach dance anytime, anywhere. My passion for dance is something I can’t describe because it’s just what I love to do all the time. I like the hip hop music, pop, and a little rock like “Fall Out Boy” and “Panic at the Disco“.
I am a high school student with plans to go to college. I help my mom with the dance team at Silver Trail Middle School which I was recently captain for two years. I choreographed lots of dances over the years for our dance company and for dance team and dances of my own. Just to put it this way:

I’m into all kinds of movies but I absolutely love dance movies which figures! The dance movies I love the most are “Center Stage“, “Honey“, and “You Got Served“. I’ve also seen “Take the Lead” and I’m planning to see “Step Up“, coming August 11th to theaters. My favorite dance movie is You Got Served, the break dancing in the movie is amazing! I also like dance shows on T.V., for example, “So You Think You Can Dance“. I love that show because the dancing is interesting and the drama keeps you guessing.

We're Dancing - Center Stage Soundtrack